Ubiquitous Hope

Mocking Bird | 31 October 2008, 8:58am

         As Election Day approaches, there is an air of excitement everywhere.  I hear eager conversations - on the train, in coffee shops, at street corners - all about the better days ahead once Obama wins the presidency. After 8 years of George, the President (I still can’t believe he got re-elected for a second term!!!) and his reign of fear, it is exhilarating to hear a presidential candidate who focuses on hope rather than fear. In my earlier visits to the U.S, around the time of 9/11 and in 2004 at the time of the Elections, the tension and overwhelming sense of forbearance was intense.  Anyone with an accent or a skin tone that isn’t the norm in this country was an enemy – at least, that’s what people were being told.

       With the emergence of Obama as the democratic candidate, a cloud seems to have lifted off of the general mood the in country. Despite McCain’s feeble attempts to discredit him with Joe the plumber’s help, negative campaigning, and a winking and weak Palin (If you caught the SNL episodes of Tina Fay’s impeccable impressions – those were the best ‘Palin’ moments on this campaign) Obama has surged forth in the lead so far. After having lived in this country for about two and a half years, I have been disappointed enough with the state of affairs and have joined in with the rest of the crowd that waits for Obama to step into the White House with feverish anticipation.

         My can’t-vote-because-I’m-not-a-citizen-brown-minority self can’t wait for Tuesday and the joy that can bring this country. Who wouldn’t want a president that is pro-choice, supports gay rights, and knows what it’s like to be oppressed?  

        Yep, there’s definitely hope all around. But then again, maybe it’s my own postmodern construction of reality. Not everyone wants this change in the political environment. However, as long as there are enough and we make it through Tuesday, all will be well.  

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Life between deadlines

Mocking Bird | 26 October 2008, 11:54pm

       Yesterday, I was reading about a young entrepreneur who thought of his home as a sanctuary after a chaotic day at work. It made me look around (I’m not young nor am I an entrepreneur) at my own home. On a daily basis, I barely register what’s around me! I don’t have the time to drink it all in! And I am glad I don’t, because it would send me into a frenzy of cleaning J I hardly ever sit on the nice, but inexpensive, outdoor furniture set that was bought so I could enjoy the nice backyard that first prompted to move to this particular house! The plan was to breathe the fresh air and drink in the changing colors of fall and instead the only reason I check weather.com is to decide whether traffic will be reasonable to get to downtown on time or to decide the thickness of the jacket to wear today!!!

           In observing how deprived my life was, I had an epiphany.  I existed between deadlines and was becoming emotionally numb although my chosen profession and the purpose of my fighting traffic everyday was to help others change and become more in touch with their emotional lives. Maybe I’m meant to learn to get more connected with my life, learn to live a life that’s relatively stress free (although life and stress free in the same sentence don’t make sense to me right now) and grow both personally and professionally! I can’t let publishing papers and presenting at conferences define my daily life! I can’t let my midterm (that I have to pass to move to the next set of courses) that’s due this coming week take away the pleasure of watching rabbits run around in my backyard!

      Now that I have made my protest, let me get back to studying for that midterm and writing that paper that was due yesterday.


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Missing India

Mocking Bird | 19 October 2008, 7:32am

Sometimes this overwhelming longing for India takes over my consciousness. I can never seem to be able to put words to what I miss it. There's a certain something, a certain flavor and color to everyday life that I crave for. I have been away for about 2 years and a few months now. I longed to get away from the imposition of being in a collectivistic society, from constantly giving up my needs and desires for that of the family, extended family, community. Ok. I didn't always give up. But I was expected to. It bothered me so much then and bothers me still. Now, that I breath (freely?) in this individualistic society, where no one cares (despite the cursory 'how are ya?" that every stranger that steps into the elevator feels obliged to say to no one in particular) and the only thing that people seem to know about India are yoga and dowry deaths and camels and elephants - I long for home. I long for the land of Bollywood, crazy traffic with no real rules, irani chai, chat on the streets, and just the feeling of being home.  


Current Mood: Nostalgic

Hope filled

Mocking Bird | 29 September 2008, 8:19am

If the oceans come in the way
The spirit will surge forth
Winds and waves will be braved
'Cause even the ocean can be tamed
And like birds
Flying high
Triumph will be that of the spirit
And that of the heart's true and honest desire
So fear not ye all
For hope dwells in us all.

Current Music: Hey there Delilah

No rhyme

Mocking Bird | 3 May 2007, 12:16am

Its only valleys that I see
Out of the corner of my eye
As I skid through life
I see precarious cliffs
Waiting to tip something over
Or someone
And through this all
I smell the sweet grass
Wet with the morning dew
The tingling warmth
I smell the freedom
It's only a minute away
I wait with baited breath
For the fall to begin

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